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Check out this video to hear Regina's story of how Heroes for Health has stepped in to assist her in getting the care she needs.  Her care is improving her performance for the Army physical fitness requirements and overall quality of life.  We are honored to give back to her as she continues to serve our country.  

Heroes for Health Supports Law Enforcement

Check out this great video how Heroes for Health made it possible for Gene to continue to protect and serve our community

Healthy Heroes Success Story


I needed chiropractic treatment because I had reached a point that I could not perform my duties as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) while assigned to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Heroes for Health, Non-Profit Program at Wellman Family Healthcare gave me a more affordable treatment plan than my health insurance would cover for the care I need. I was taking advantage of the Athletic Trainer’s staff and equipment, but I needed more intensive medical intervention. 

Heroes for Health Program gave me a complementary initial evaluation which included  X-rays. Dr. Wellman helped me understand my findings and I able to match up what I was seeing on the X-rays with the debilitating pain that I was experiencing. I understood that I was wasn’t just sore because I was fifty years old and a well-worn retired Air Force/Georgia Air National Guardsmen with three combat tours, but my spine was in serious need of adjustments and care. Currently, I have completed about half of the two-month program and am able to walk normally and only experience occasional soreness. I have regained normal use of my right arm and spine and even competed in a 5k run winning my age group. 

This treatment has helped me recover from past surgeries and current issues caused by the increased physical demands as an Instructor. The combination of massage therapy, spinal adjustment, stretching, and using ice has taken me from being in constant pain and nearly unable to work to fully functional and feeling a few years younger. Heroes for Health gave me the opportunity to receive discounted care beyond and better than my basic insurance. I appreciate them recognizing a need to help others like me. 

Shane D. Special Agent, HSI 

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